Equal Pay

The Courtyard by Marriott Reykjavik Keflavik Airport Hotel Pay Policy:

Courtyard by Marriott pays a salary that considers the requirements of the job, i.e., about knowledge, responsibility, competence, and success.The scope and nature of the job affects salary and is determined by factors such as management, responsibility, professional aspects of the job as well as personal skills and success in the job.The Hotel salary structure is aligned with union recommendation and salaries are according to Kjarasamningar. Decisions on salary changes are made by the General Manager and department managers in consultation with the human resources & development manager. Salary reviews are conducted by the human resource and development manager once a year to make sure that consistency is observed in the determination of wages for employees. Employees can request a salary interview once a year with the departmental manager. The director, managing director and/or human resources manager review the employee’s salary and process according to the nature of the case.  Job descriptions must exist for all employees of the organization stating the main roles and tasks of the relevant position and cite role descriptions if available. At the same time, the main requirements for the job and the ability to perform the described job are stated.The prerequisites for salary decisions are that they are in accordance with the organization’s salary structure, supported by arguments, and ensure comparable salaries for jobs of equal value.  The classification of jobs based on their value is with the human resources manager and complies with the equal pay certification procedure. The classification must be presented to the employees and saved in the employee handbook.

The Courtyard by Marriott Reykjavik Keflavik Airport Hotel Equal Pay Policy

Courtyard by Marriot policy is that all employees shall receive equal pay and enjoy equal terms of employment for jobs that are the same or of equal value with no unsubstantiated pay gap. It strives to ensure equality between all genders and that each employee is to be assessed on their own merits, regardless of gender, race, or other unsubstantiated criteria, so that there is no unjustified wage difference in the workplace.


The scope of the Equal Pay Policy covers all employees at Courtyard by Marriott Reykjavik Keflavik Airport Hotel.

Responsibility and role

The Courtyard by Marriott Reykjavik Keflavik Airport Hotel operates according to an equal pay system that covers all employees. The Leadership team is responsible for the implementation and review of the company´s Equal Pay Policy and that it complies with the Act of Equal status and Gender Equality no. 150/2020.

Implementation and review

To follow the equal pay policy, the hotel is obliged to document, implement, maintain, and continuously improve the administration of the equal pay system based on the ÍST 85 standard and decide how its demands will be met. The hotel has implemented a procedure and defined criteria on which wage decisions are based where each and everyone is paid for their work considering its value, regardless of gender, gender identity or other unsubstantiated claims. 

The hotel’s overall goal is that the unexplained pay gap shall be 0%

To reach our goal the hotel will:

  • Implement a certified equal pay system based on the equal pay standard ÍST 85, document it and ensure it is operating according to standards.
  • Perform an annual wage analysis by comparing equally valuable jobs with the goal to identify any wage differences based on gender, origin or other unobjective premises.
  • Respond to unexplained wage differentials through continuous improvement and monitoring. If there is an unexplained pay gap between individuals or an unexplained pay gap between groups, an action plan shall be set up to recover the gap in the upcoming year.
  • Make an internal inspection and hold an annual manager´s review meeting. 
  • Follow the relevant laws, regulations and collective agreements existing at any given time, and confirm in the meeting compliance with the law.
  • Introduce the policy annually to all employees. The policy shall also be accessible to the public on our company’s website

The representative of the equal pay system is the human resources and development manager, all comments or questions should be directed to that person.